Ice Bar Melbourne

Ice Bar Melbourne

Before I get to the important stuff like:

  • Where is the Ice Bar in Melbourne?
  • How much does it cost?
  • And everything you need to know before planning your trips to Melbourne’s only Ice Bar.

Let me first explain that the Melbourne Ice Bar is not just a bar its an event/attraction akin to going up to the Skydeck on top of the Eureka Tower… there is an entry fee and it is a unique experience. It’s for that very reason that we file this article under three categories; Melbourne Bars | See » Galleries | Do.

What’s an Ice Bar?

Ice Bar Stockholm

Ice Bar Stockholm (photo_by_andreasmisera)

Ice bar’s are a recent spin-off from the original ice bars and ice hotels in Scandinavia where the entire building is made of ice and each year the massive constructions melt and get recreated next season.

The Ice Hotel Sweden is now in its 20th year (2009/10) and has grown from what was originally, Arctic Hall and igloo-style exhibition space for a french ice artist in 1990. Today the ice hotel is a mammoth series of rooms from hotel suites, a great hall, an ice church and an ice bar, open to visitors from December to April each year.

Ice Bars can now be found in London, Milano, Helsinki, Chicago, Tokyo, Singapore, Bangalore and Queensland (just to name a few).

The first permanent ice bar in the world was the Absolut Icebar in Stockholm and it set the benchmark for the business model that most of the worlds ice bars now follow:

  • Only the interior including furniture, sculptures and glasses is made of ice.
  • The temperature is kept at a constant -5°C or -10°C.
  • There is an entry fee which included your first drink/cocktail.
  • Each group admitted is limited to approximately 30 to 60 people per session.
  • Each ice bar session is timed and restricted to 30 to 40 minutes.
  • The ice bar provides ski jackets, gloves and warm boots.
  • Ice sculptures are often themed and changed seasonally.

So essentially you buy your ticket at reception, put on the winter gear provided and get admitted into a small refrigerated room/freezer which has been decorated internally to look like an igloo/ice cave. You are served your first drink in an ice glass and then spend 30 minutes, dancing, sitting on ice lounges with animal hide covers or posing for the awesome photo opportunities as coloured lights reflect off the sculptures from within.

Is there an Ice Bar in Melbourne?


The Melbourne Ice Bar is independent from the Absolut Ice Bar Franchise and goes under the name “Chill On” Melbourne’s Ice Bar.

Where: 1st Floor, 296 Russell Street. Melbourne CBD

“Chill On” Ice Bar, Melbourne CBD

It’s on the eastern side of Russell St, near Little Lonsdale St, on the other side of the street is the back of the State Library.

The Melbourne Ice Bar lies hidden inside a narrow, 3 story red brick building with a big blue door marked ICE BAR!

How Much: $30 for Adults and $15 for children.

This includes clothing hire (ski jacket, boots and gloves), a free cocktail with unique names like; an Arctic Baboon, a Chilly Billy, a Frozen Mexican or a frosty fruity mocktail for the kids. Children accompanied by an adult are welcome before 6pm and the venue – including the regular bar and function center – can be booked for kids birthday parties, special events and product launches… fully supported by a state of the art audio visual system.

“The Ice Bar experience would be a great start to a very special night out where you’re trying to impress or mark the date as something unforgettable and the $60 (for two) is just a small part of a bigger budget spread over a romantic evening of fine dining and entertainment around the Melbourne CBD.”

When: 12 noon until late depending on the day
(11pm except Friday/Saturday 1am and Sunday it closes at 6pm)

The upstairs, ‘Ski Lodge’ (formally known as the funk bar) does operate as a regular cocktail bar in its own right, which is great considering visitors are restricted to spending only 30 minutes inside the actual Ice Bar. The Ski Lodge has no cover charge or entrance fee and contrasts the igloo experience wonderfully with its warm and charming atmosphere.

Finally… The Melbourne Ice Bar is an incredible photo opportunity for you and your family or friends and it’s a true Melbourne Secret that most Melbournians do not even realize they have, right on their own doorstep.

It is an unique experience that every resident of and visitor to Melbourne should undertake at least once in their lifetime.


Official website » Ice Bar Melbourne

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